Web Rapid Development

This website is setup on the development system and will experience changes on a regular basis. Working on version 7 to speed up and stabilize features. Including, but not limited to request, action and adding documentation on how to use the Web Rapid Development application

Mission Statement

It is the mission of RichWare and Web Rapid Development to provide the best product and service at the most reasonable price.

Web Rapid Development Features

Web Rapid Development (WRD) is a content management system used for designing simple to complex web sites. Here are some features of WRD:

  1. Administrative privileges to allow style sheet changes on the fly. Font family, Font size, Font color, background color, border, shadings, among a few.
  2. Easy to use menu generator allowing creation of web pages quickly.
  3. Adding photos to your pages is a snap.
  4. A calendar feature is an add-on feature. A button on the header will show allowing the user to quickly display a calendar of upcoming events using the default style or a style of your own.
  5. Volunteer hours - keep track of volunteer hours by category giving reports by periods.
  6. A blog feature is an available add-on feature where you can customize and style to your own personal look.
  7. Easy to customize to include third party add-ons.

These are some of the many features WRD provides. Pricing is included under Information on the menu bar above. Enjoy browsing and contact us if you have any questions.

This web site was developed and customized by using WRD.